1 Deal with the Devil Deal with the Devil
Meghan March
2 False Start False Start
Meli Raine
3 Birthday Suit Birthday Suit
Lauren Blakely
4 The Cowboy is a Daddy The Cowboy is a Daddy
Mindy Neff
5 How the Earl Entices How the Earl Entices
Anna Harrington
6 The Moonlight Wedding The Moonlight Wedding
Bella Andre & Lucy Kevin
7 Hook Hook
Chelle Bliss
8 Securing Caite Securing Caite
Susan Stoker
9 The Tycoon's Secretive Temptress The Tycoon's Secretive Temptress
Elizabeth Lennox
10 A Standish Bay Romance Books 1-3 A Standish Bay Romance Books 1-3
Christine Donovan
11 Game On Game On
Kelly Jamieson
12 Luck of the Devil Luck of the Devil
Meghan March
13 I Knew You Were Trouble I Knew You Were Trouble
Lauren Layne
14 HOT Justice HOT Justice
Lynn Raye Harris
15 The Secret The Secret
Julie Garwood
16 The Legendary Duke The Legendary Duke
Margaret Locke
17 Muffin Top (A BBW Romantic Comedy) Muffin Top (A BBW Romantic Comedy)
Avery Flynn
18 Fallen Ink Fallen Ink
Carrie Ann Ryan
19 One Chance, Fancy One Chance, Fancy
Lani Lynn Vale
20 King King
Kerri Ann
21 Jasmine Sea Jasmine Sea
Phillipa Nefri Clark
22 Packaged Husband Packaged Husband
Noelle Adams
23 Finding Alexei Finding Alexei
Kendall Ryan
24 Nevermore Nevermore
Dannika Dark
25 Every Breath Every Breath
Nicholas Sparks
26 Remedy Remedy
Kaylee Ryan
27 Heart of the Devil Heart of the Devil
Meghan March
28 The Mistake The Mistake
Elle Kennedy
29 Hot Protector Hot Protector
Lynn Raye Harris
30 SEAL Strong SEAL Strong
Cat Johnson
31 See How She Dies See How She Dies
Lisa Jackson
32 Hosed Hosed
Lili Valente
33 The Score The Score
Elle Kennedy
34 Broken Silence Broken Silence
Natasha Preston
35 Faking It Faking It
K. Bromberg
36 A Soldier's Return A Soldier's Return
RaeAnne Thayne
37 What Are Friends For? What Are Friends For?
Patricia McLinn
38 Dirty Pleasures Dirty Pleasures
Meghan March
39 When Ashes Fall When Ashes Fall
Marni Mann
40 Prisoner of Night Prisoner of Night
J.R. Ward
41 Obsession Obsession
Helen Hardt
42 The Best of Us The Best of Us
Robyn Carr
43 After We Collided After We Collided
Anna Todd
44 Dirty Together Dirty Together
Meghan March
45 Crazy Rich Asians Crazy Rich Asians
Kevin Kwan
46 Exposed Boxed Set Exposed Boxed Set
Sarah Robinson
47 Blood Bond: 2 Blood Bond: 2
Helen Hardt
48 The Chase The Chase
Elle Kennedy
49 Outlander Outlander
Diana Gabaldon
50 After After
Anna Todd
51 Trails of Love Trails of Love
Melissa Foster
52 Boys of Brayshaw High Boys of Brayshaw High
Meagan Brandy
53 Reckless Love Reckless Love
Kelly Elliott
54 The Portrait of Lady Wycliff The Portrait of Lady Wycliff
Cheryl Bolen
55 Stateless Stateless
Meli Raine
56 The Goal The Goal
Elle Kennedy
57 Possession Possession
Helen Hardt
58 After Ever Happy After Ever Happy
Anna Todd
59 That Wild Player That Wild Player
Nadia Lee
60 Boss Boss
Reagan Shaw
61 Black Promise Black Promise
Victoria Quinn
62 After We Fell After We Fell
Anna Todd
63 You've Got Male You've Got Male
Lila Monroe
64 Twins Make Four Twins Make Four
Nicole Elliot
65 Blood Bond: 3 Blood Bond: 3
Helen Hardt
66 Chosen by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 4) Chosen by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 4)
Alisa Woods
67 Untouchable Untouchable
Jayne Ann Krentz
68 When We Fell When We Fell
Elena Aitken
69 Fifty Shades of Grey Fifty Shades of Grey
E L James
70 Texas Legacy Texas Legacy
Lorraine Heath
71 Blood Bond: 4 Blood Bond: 4
Helen Hardt
72 The Wing Girl The Wing Girl
Nic Tatano
73 The Devilish Lord Will The Devilish Lord Will
Jennifer Ashley
74 Kid Chaos Kid Chaos
Zoe Dawson
75 Beautiful Potential - Complete Series Beautiful Potential - Complete Series
J Saman
76 Second Nature Second Nature
Nora Roberts
77 Schooling the Duke Schooling the Duke
Christi Caldwell
78 Black Forever Black Forever
Victoria Quinn
79 Ruthless King Ruthless King
Meghan March
80 Melt Melt
Helen Hardt
81 Unraveled Unraveled
Helen Hardt
82 Courted by a Cowboy Courted by a Cowboy
Mindy Neff
83 Black Edge Black Edge
Charlotte Byrd
84 Maybe Never Maybe Never
Ella Miles
85 Twisted Twisted
Helen Hardt
86 Lies Lies
Aleatha Romig
87 Shattered Shattered
Helen Hardt
88 Promises Promises
Aleatha Romig
89 Unguarded Love Unguarded Love
KaLyn Cooper
90 Worth the Cost Worth the Cost
Lexy Timms
91 Tea and Destiny Tea and Destiny
Sherryl Woods
92 False Memory False Memory
Meli Raine
93 Beta Beta
Jasinda Wilder
94 Rescuing Emily Rescuing Emily
Susan Stoker
95 Burn Burn
Helen Hardt
96 Evelyn's Promise (A More Perfect Union Series, Book 4) Evelyn's Promise (A More Perfect Union Series, Book 4)
Betty Bolte
97 Black Diamond Black Diamond
Victoria Quinn
98 Tease Me Tease Me
S. E. Lund
99 Darker Darker
E L James
100 Blood Bond: 5 Blood Bond: 5
Helen Hardt

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