Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind

Victor Fleming

Genre: Drama
Released: 1939-12-15
Rated: G
Length: 3h 53min
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Now completely remastered, revisit Margaret Mitchell's epic American classic, winner of 10 Academy Awards! On the eve of the American Civil War, rich, beautiful and self-centered Scarlett O'Hara has everything she could want - except the handsome Ashley Wilkes. When war devastates the South, Scarlett must concern herself with more important things than girlhood love. As the nation and the world changes around her, Scarlet finds an adult tenacity that carries her through all obstacles, still in pursuit of what she wants - the man that got away. Sparks fly along the way as the wily Rhett Butler comes in and out of her life - the only man she has met who is a match for her strong will. Only after Rhett walks out on her does Scarlett realize what she has lost... and decides to win him back. Starring Oscar-winners Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Olivia de Havilland, Thomas Mitchell, and Oscar-nominated Leslie Howard. Ranked as the #2 Greatest Love Story of all time by AFI.

  • Academy Award Winner Hattie McDaniel!

    By Olivershamm
    In the "About the Movie" section of the Details, there is no mention that Hattie McDaniel ALSO won an Academy Award...why not?

  • Gone with The Wind

    By White Dragon3

  • Classic Hollywood

    By darthylover
    The most beautiful, elaborate, majestic film ever made. Simply a classic everyone must watch.

  • Favorite movie since I was 7 years old!

    By AndersenTate
    Best movie of all time!

  • The best of the best

    By Sexyafrican3637484848
    awesome movie 🙂

  • An essential classic

    By Scottyboytoy
    A meticulous rendering of the book by Margaret Mitchell. If you can put aside your dismay with the obvious baloney about how noble the South was, and how slavery was really not so bad, then you can enjoy this remarkable achievement. It is really about two people from 1940, Rhett and Scarlett, who have landed in the Old South at the start of the Civil War.They both see the war for what it was--a Southern venture into stupidity driven by a small but powerful plantation class. Seen from this perspective, we can understand how Rhett and especially Scarlett, are driven mad with frustration and impatience with the ridiculousness of the entire conflict. But be warned: this is not a film for those who have the attention span of a termite.

  • Beautiful

    By scliame
    Love love love this movie. So happy the price went down. Snatched it up! LOL

  • One of the best movies of all time

    By andersonpartyof5
    This is the ultimate classic. I could watch over and over again! One of the best book to movie interpretations ever.

  • Beautiful

    By Capitalnate
    Beautiful, timeless and epic.


    By Blush47
    Ok, long story short, I'd always heard of this movie as a small child and always figured it was extremely garish and such. When I FINALLY watched it, I was very surprised to see it was a Drama, not a war film. 10/10 recommend