George Stevens

Genre: Drama
Released: 1956-11-24
Rated: NR
Length: 3h 21min
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Oscar-winner George Stevens ("Shane") won an Oscar for his direction of this legendary "stirring slice of Americana" (Variety) based on Edna Ferber's novel. Featuring an all-star cast including Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean, it's about a wealthy Texan who marries a strong-willed beautiful girl. Their adjustments to life on their ranch are interwoven with problems of Mexican workers and an ambitious young ranch hand who becomes an oil tycoon. One of the year's top box office releases! Recently selected by the prestigious American Film Institute as one of the 100 greatest American films of all time.

  • amazing film

    By moonlightbae8978
    love this movie and it’s sad that this was James Dean’s last film but he will always remain a legend

  • Perfect

    By Jeffreyghdedxv
    This is one of my favorite films of all time. James dean is absolutely brilliant and Elizabeth Taylor is a dream!

  • One-time geographical frontier becomes cultural frontier.

    By Trotskii
    I have to say that I agree with most others about the quality of the acting, directing, and progresssive social agenda of this film, but I find it ironic that it's so popular with Texans when it is such a stinging satire of that state's chauvanistic traditions. This is not a flattering picture of Texas, to be sure.

  • Great Movie

    By ggh258
    Incredible acting

  • Giant

    By DerstinRercklerng
    This movie is a nice episodic epic that does a nice job at portraying a way of life that is long gone. It tells the story of two people's lives over the course of their young adulthood into semi-elderly couple. Liz does a great job and didn't even receive an Oscar nomination.

  • The REAL Best Picture of 1956!

    By DJB1965
    Yet another long film that I could (and have) watch all the way through then go right back to the beginning and watch again. It's one of those films that if I come across it channel surfing just before going to bed, I have to watch all the way through. Buy this film and show all your friends…you (and they) won't regret it!

  • Giant

    By cutnshoot
    Bloated and awful. Good score though.

  • Giant

    By Austin Morgan
    Though this may be a 3.5-hour-long Giant of a movie, it's absolutely worth your time. If the premise of this movie gets your attention, you'll probably like it. It's amazingly ahead of its time. Probably my favorite film of all time. Rock Hudson gets top billing, but this is Elizabeth Taylor's film, so if you're a fan, you'll love this. Rock Hudson, James Dean, and the rest are fantastic as well. Gorgeous cinematography, a thrilling and memorable musical score, and a very modern story of the clash between values, between the past and the future, and between strong-willed human beings. Truly a must-see!

  • Worth the effort

    By sudos
    This is a long movie (3.5 hours). I split it up into two viewings and was very glad I made it through the whole story. It is worth watching just for historical purposes (James Dean's last movie).

  • Shocked

    By sirentone
    I was on an Elizabeth Taylor binge. Well, lets face it I am always in the mood to watch one of her movies especially when they are avaliable on netflex. This is such a great movie. They need to put a better trailer so that people will get a better feel for the movie.