Every Which Way But Loose

Every Which Way But Loose

James Fargo

Genre: Comedy
Released: 1979-01-25
Rated: PG
Length: 1h 54min
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Eastwood plays a hard-drinking trucker with a pet orangutan chasing the love of his life to Colorado. Superstar and Academy Award-winner Clint Eastwood ("Unforgiven," "Million Dollar Baby") and sidekick, Clyde the Orangutan, star in this super blockbuster action-comedy about an easy-going truck driver who also happens to be the best barroom brawler in the San Fernando Valley. Sondra Locke co-stars as Clint's love interest, along with Beverly D'Angelo ("National Lampoon's Vacation," "Coal Miner's Daughter") and Ruth Gordon ("Harold and Maude," "Rosemary's Baby"). A box office smash!

  • Any Which Which You Can

    By LionaAdel
    Wish this movie was available for purchase!

  • "Twelve Ribs My A__!"- Ma

    By LaughingGodzilla
    While you're turnin' me Every which way but loose You turn me every which way but loose Inside the fire's burnin' me In mind you just keep turnin' me Every which way but loose Baby there's no excuse To turn me every which way but loose Man I love that song and man do I love this movie. A great cast, memorable characters, Clyde, great funny moments, and a great story make this really one of my favorite films. I solute you Apple for putting this and the sequel on here.

  • Very Funny Movie, and good theme song.

    By Skiking226
    The movie is far and away better then the other movie. If you only see one see this one. Clint does it again!

  • Better Made

    By sheilamiley
    Every Which Way Bet Loose is better made but Any Which Way You Can is more funny

  • Where is Any Which Way You Can?

    By ~Shambala~
    Where is Any Which Way You Can? I think it's much better than Every Which Way But Loose. Just sayin'... Clint Eastwood is GREAT!