Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Alfred Hitchcock

Genre: Comedy
Released: 1941-01-31
Rated: NR
Length: 1h 34min
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They're married for bitter or worse - until a technicality renders the union void. But now Mr. misses Mrs. and he's desperate to win her back. A rare and delightful foray into screwball comedy from suspense master Hitchcock.

  • Love Carole

    By Coyne95
    People need to stop complaining because it's not a suspence film.and Carole Lombard is amazing. R.I.P

  • If you're looking for typical Hitchcock, this isn't it.

    By HuronLakeGirl
    Not your typical Hitchcock flick but that's why it's classified as a comedy. It is a good movie, though I wish iTunes had some other Carole Lombard movies. I think there was more chemistry with some of her other leading men than with Robert Montgomery in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I've requested some of her others here but so far, nothing. This one suffices if you haven't yet been turned on to what a great comedic actress she was, but given the chance to see some of her other screwball comedies, don't miss them. Today's romantic comedies pale by comparison; Carole Lombard, Irene Dunne, Jean Arthur, and their respective leading men, are why.

  • ++Hilarious! Not the usual Hitchcock film.++

    By Minmay
    This movie is so quirky and funny it had me laughing out loud throughout. Robert Montgomery is hilarious and gives a great performance. It's a really charming and endearing movie in a very odd way that makes it unique. You'll either love this film and find it uproariously funny or flat out boring but either way you should give it a try and find out cause if you end up loving it then it's definitely worth it.

  • Excellent Classic Film!

    By ClassicMovieKat
    Great film! Wonderful to see Hitchcock use his talent for comedy! A real find for me on I-tunes - great to rent! Enjoy!

  • Boring!!!

    By Kyle Talley

  • Not his best

    By purduechica
    If you like traditional Hitchcock movies, then this isn't for you. It has a fairly predictable story line. The two main characters are so annoying that you don't even have anyone to root for.

  • Boring

    By kyliebauerle
    I recently watched this movie, and fell asleep during it! Mr (David) and Mrs (Ann) Smith soon seperately discover that they're marriage license was never valid. When David takes Ann up to the apartment and appears intent upon still sleeping with her, Ann is outraged when she realizes he, too, knows they aren't legally married and intends taking "advantage." Furious, Ann tosses him out of their apartment. David then repetitively pursues her, and Ann repetitively evades him. In the end -- of course -- they end up together. Despite Alfred Hitchcock's famous name, this movie is very dull. I insist you spend your money on something more interesting.

  • Woo Hoo First Review!!

    By Purple1417
    This Hitchcock film is wonderful. It is also unique because it is not a horror film! The plot is genius and the actors are perfect!! A definate must see! Wish I could buy it though!