Cool Hand Luke

Cool Hand Luke

Stuart Rosenberg

Genre: Drama
Released: 2014-09-01
Rated: PG
Length: 2h 6min
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When Luke Jackson is arrested for drunkenly vandalizing parking meters, he is sentenced to serve time on a prison chain gang. Although the warden, guards and prisoners all try to break Luke's spirit upon his arrival, it soon becomes clear that Luke is not about to play by anyone else's rules. He eventually earns the respect of his fellow inmates by refusing to back down in a fight, and he earns their friendship by figuring out a way for them to get their hard labor done in half the time. Luke eventually becomes a symbol of hope and resilience for his fellow prisoners, but the more he becomes revered by the inmates, the more he becomes a symbol of rebelliousness that must be stamped out by the guards and the warden.

  • Square peg meets round hole

    By Twisto-Barrel
    While I've watched this many times, I have never failed to be completely impressed with the acting or the dialog. Probably at the zenith of his career, Newman is wonderful as are George Kennedy, Strother Martin, Dennis Hopper, Wayne Rogers, and others. One of my top ten movies for sure.

  • Awesome movie

    By Centexlaman
    A must watch.

  • Eggs, eggs, eggs

    By Juicedog72
    I don't need your civil war, it feeds the rich while it buries the poor.

  • Fantastic Movie

    By Bobula
    Newman possibly at his best. I know he has a lot of great movies but this one takes the cake. He is the definition of cool. Any movie that gives us, "What we have here is a failure to communicate." is more then ok with me. It is over the top cool. So many great stars in this one. I read that the scene where Newman eats all the hard boiled eggs was something that wasn't in the original script...that he added that himself. So cool. See it and love it.

  • Um...

    By Slug500
    I know this is supposed to be like a classic and everything but it was just so darn boring, it made me want to hit my head on a wall until I pasted out. Ok, so Luke's"cool", got it, he is on a chain gang, check, um he is randomly gunned down in the neck, spoiler alert! So what did we learn? If your cool, your named is Luke, and you work on a chain gang, watch your neck!

  • Newman's Finest Role

    By Adam 4077
    This movie to me defines the character of Paul Newman; a man that can change the lives of many people by his actions. Cool Hand Luke in my opinion is the role that made him an american icon, this is also the film that made Paul Newman my favorite actor, and most importantly my hero. The film has made me realize that don't let anyone break your spirit especially brutal treatment, and had told me that I have the right not to conform to anyone. Not to be missed film by Paul Newman. Rest in Peace Paul

  • Best movie ever

    By Spin233
    I agree with the character development... Supporting cast... Civil disobedience... But Paul Newman's smile in this film is amazing. When they finish the road work and he sits down and answers the question "what do we do now" he says "nothing" and the smile he give says so much more than words. "Shakin it up here boss"

  • Thus beginning the affair...

    By MusicLuver1995
    At 17 years old, it's not a long stretch to state that I'm out of Newman's era. For the 1st time I watch this movie earlier this summer and fell positively in love with Mr. Newman. His attitude is exciting a quite refreshing and I throughly enjoyed this masterpiece along with his body of work that I saw afterwards. It's quite an understatement when I say Paul Newman is one of the most brilliant actors of all time.


    By R8DRMAN
    I just relized this movie was made 9 miles from where i live.. Im goingto go walk over that old bridge and fish And go check out that prison yard they built that field is still there.. From 1967.. U tha man Mr Newman- rest in piece sir

  • Why HAVEN'T you watched this yet?

    By RickeyG
    Truly one of the greatest American films, based on a true story written by a former chain gang inmate. So much is good about this movie I will only mention one small criticism I have...George Kennedy's role is rather overplayed. Not sure if he's trying to be mentally challenged or just obnoxious, but he could have toned it down a bit.