Love Story

Love Story

Arthur Hiller

Genre: Romance
Released: 1970-12-16
Rated: PG
Length: 1h 40min
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Love means never having to say you're sorry... Love Story. Everyone loves Love Story! One of the most romantic movies ever made also remains one of the most enduringly popular. This heartfelt 1970 tale of the love of a lifetime-the most successful Paramount movie up to that time-received seven Academy Award nominations (including Best Picture) and won one for Francis Lai's magnificent score. As filming was underway on Love Story, the filmmakers knew they had something special-so special that Erich Segal was simultaneously shaping his best-selling novel from his own screenplay. Stars Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw each received Academy Award nominations and became overnight movie sensations for their poignant portrayals of a young couple who cross social barriers, marry and ultimately face the greatest crisis of all.

  • The ultimate classic of its day

    By Furutan1
    Back in the early- to mid-seventies, there were two paperbacks that a huge number of high school kids were always walking around with. One was a Tolkien (popular amon many guys and girls) and Love Story (girls only). For this type of story, with this type of sentiment, no other film of the day could rival it. Personally, i HATED it. P-tooey! This being said, I could not think of a single girl in my high school class who was not enamored with it.

  • Pretty bad one

    By Lalo Chih
    This movie is an example of what corny means, even the worst movies that followed it didn't follow it's mellow stupid premise, I saw it in the eighties an even back then it was considered corny. Bad, bad movie


    By slappywag64
    I should dislike this movie ....every insipid, sappy moment,,,,with lines of dialogue that make me cringe.....but I really like it. The book was the first "adult" book I recall reading and seeing the slightly edited version on television came at a crucial period of my adolescence and made a lingering impression. It is the charm and likability of Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal that carry one over the clunky bumps in the movie. It is a stupid thing to admit but I sometimes hope there will be a happy ending when I know full well the outcome and we are already made aware of this in the voice over narration within the first few seconds of the movie. I know I am being shameless manipulated but it just works.....and I am a guy who does not get suckered into these emotions easily. Had it not been for MaGraw and O'Neal perhaps this would be a significantly lesser movie and forgotten within it's own period of time. It appeals to the hopeless romantic in me, I guess, despite all of it's short commings. It probably looks very silly and dated by today's cynical and jaded standards but it will live on beyond whatever modern audience's consider romantic.

  • Classic

    By Repete22
    My mother and I went to see this movie way back, I fell in love with it and still love it today. It's a classic you shouldn't miss.

  • " Love means Never having To Say Your Sorry"

    By Christine Hedrick
    I don't understand Why People find this Phrase so hard to understand ? It's Quite Simple IF you Think about it. It could actually have 2 different meanings.. The 1st one means that You Or whomever obviously NEVER do or say anything that you would have to tell someone later that Your Sorry for it, In otherwords You Love someone that much that You would NEVER do or say anything to be sorry for. The 2nd meaning that You Love someone so much that No Mater what they do or say They never have to say their sorry because it doesn't matter, you love them anyway & saying " I'm sorry " isn't going to change that! This is what I have always thought that this " Phrase meant " even 41 years later.

  • All time favourite

    If you liked 500 days of summer, the notebook, a walk to remember, sweet november and all of those you have to love this all time favourite!

  • I love it when the critics are wrong

    By 46Fire
    Great movie. Think more about the human element and the themes running through the film. Kind of a cross theme between a Bobby Goldsboro song (Honey) and a Harry Chapin song (Cat's in the Cradle). So, let a cool breeze blow through your hair, relax and enjoy a pleasant film with a tough ending. A bit morality lay with great music.

  • MaKut

    By MaKu613
    The best movie ever

  • Emotional

    By Kevinvle
    Work of art!

  • The Best Movie I have seen in a long time!

    By jonesy_2010
    This is a wonderful movie! The ending is very sad but the story is great! I could watch this movie over and over again! :)