Fugue State - EP - Vulfpeck

Fugue State - EP


Genre: Soul
Released: 2014-08-26
Songs: 6
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Title Artist Length
1 Vulfpeck 2:41
2 Vulfpeck 3:19
3 Vulfpeck 3:17
4 Vulfpeck 2:35
5 Vulfpeck 4:06
6 Vulfpeck 3:29
  • BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!

    By Redurt
    You're still readying??? What are you waiting for??? This album and this band are the funkiest, dopest, sexiest band to come in a LONG TIME! Go get their stuff, and check them out on YouTube if you haven't already. STOP READING THIS ALREADY!!! Buy. Listen. Funk. (you're welcome)

  • 1612 alone worth the price

    By Geocarlin
    Discovered these guys when Sirius started playing Backpocket, another sweet song, on Jam On channel. 1612 is amazing and soulful. Hope they break out in a huge way.

  • First place

    By caputok1
    That's right ladies and gentlemen, this album gets FIRST PLACE!

  • Love at first hearing

    By create812
    Def love this music, and these joker musicians. BRING ON THE FUNK

  • A gift to your ears

    By Forgersbabaguscooties
    Just buy it already.

  • It continues to get funkier

    By Nate Sharpless
    The vulfmen don't know what it is to make bad music. They're musical geniuses that build off each other so well. Everything is so catchy.

  • Awesome.

    By NYPhriendly
    Another amazing addition to the Vulfpeck collection. 1612 is music for your soul and the rest of the tracks further showcase the bands range. Don't miss out on this album.

  • One of their best to date!

    By Mickey_D100
    The funkiness cannot be contained. Something for everybody on here, as long as you like music that is awesome.