Mit Peck - EP - Vulfpeck

Mit Peck - EP


Genre: R&B/Soul
Released: 2011-12-20
Songs: 6
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Title Artist Length
1 Vulfpeck 4:10
2 Vulfpeck 4:51
3 Vulfpeck 4:29
4 Vulfpeck 4:34
5 Vulfpeck 4:00
6 Vulfpeck 3:38
  • German Pop? Really?

    By SIN-A-PHI
    how cluless or disconected is itunes calling this "German Pop". The literally judged the music by the name of the band. I wish i could get paid to label music by the name of the band, i'd be out of work by 10am. You guys hiring?

  • Continuous, flowing, emotional

    By create812
    Great music for working, and funking too. DIGITIAL!

  • Oh Snap

    By ShyLa Boof
    Play dat funky music white boy!!!

  • Cruisen'

    By BMarie625
    Best funk since Green Onions! Go Vulfpeck!!!


    By jimmy Stewart
    The grooves on this album are so thick that Aunt Jemima has started bottling pure concrete just to compete. Seriously, Jack Stratton is a musical messenger sent to us from above. The bass fills in Beastly are some of the best ever, and the pocket in It Gets Funkier could not be tighter. Its almost selfish for these guys to not to be making music consistently. TAKE ALL MY MONEY

  • Great!

    By Koolaidsandra
    Good stuff!

  • Hancock would be proud

    By scottiedo
    I feel this

  • five stars

    By J├Ârgin
    Anyone can tell this is awesome. You don't have to be a professional musician, producer, performer or music graduate like me. But somehow I feel cool by mentioning that I am.

  • YES!

    By L Man From up north
    These guys are from washington. The washington with seattle in it. But if you guys are looking for a band with the phattest pocket, you should get this album

  • Instant funk from die rhineland

    By t5sheppard
    Funky. Real funky. Can't stop. Won't stop.