Der helle Wahnsinn - Amigos

Der helle Wahnsinn


Genre: German Pop
Released: 2007-08-22
Songs: 14
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Title Artist Length
1 Amigos 3:14
2 Amigos 3:03
3 Amigos 3:10
4 Amigos 3:27
5 Amigos 3:03
6 Amigos 4:26
7 Amigos 3:46
8 Amigos 3:13
9 Amigos 3:13
10 Amigos 3:18
11 Amigos 3:09
12 Amigos 3:00
13 Amigos 3:51
14 Amigos 3:29
  • Their music speaks to my heart!

    By Omatje8
    Wow, what wonderful music, it's touches my heart. I am originally from Holland and my Husband is from Germany and how their music brings us back to our home countries. Thank YOU Amigos!! We live now here in Northern California and miss our homeland music. I pass our homeland music to my daughters since they were small and now have children themselves, so it's also then passed onto them. We keep it alive. It's their roots. The only way I can buy music from our Fatherland is through ITunes. Thank God for that!! And thank God for you!! From the bottom of our hearts!! warme groetjes van Thea Terlouw-Hess uit Northern California :-))

  • Der helle Wahnsinn

    By Fredrick3
    Good mood music I don't speak much Dutch but this is a great sound the Amigos have a great happy sound. This is worth the 9.99 price