Thrill of the Arts - Vulfpeck

Thrill of the Arts


Genre: Funk
Released: 2015-10-09
Songs: 10
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Title Artist Length
1 Vulfpeck 2:43
2 Vulfpeck 3:01
3 Vulfpeck 2:10
4 Vulfpeck 4:11
5 Vulfpeck 3:32
6 Vulfpeck 1:03
7 Vulfpeck 3:03
8 Vulfpeck 3:03
9 Vulfpeck 4:29
10 Vulfpeck 5:09
  • Song is amazing chill smooth and slick

    By /"937.guy
    It is awesome so addicting

  • Commercial

    By Catjor
    Came from the commercial, love this

  • Awwww snap

    By Ortyort
    You can keep reading the reviews if you want to, but if I was you I would be buying the album right now. Then get your booty shakin. Then come back and read the reviews if you want to.

  • Smooth, Jazzy and Funky

    By cookie meister
    This album takes me back to the pop fusion of jazz and rock in the 70s. Slick... very slick.

  • Caught in a time warp with this album!

    By D'rae Nicole
    I can’t stop listening to this album. This artist is truly that, AN ARTIST!! if u appreciate the art of music you won’t regret purchasing the ENTIRE album.I loved it so much I gifted this album to my nephew. I’m their new biggest fan.

  • In the Kitchen

    By Dancing Bee ryan
    Somehow I discovered this band. Thankfully!

  • To Err on the Side of Herr?

    By unspunbob
    If they are from Ann Arbor, which admittedly Deutche heavy, how does this qualify as "german pop"as such? In any case, I'm falling in love again, and am starting to apprecite why these cats are playing along side Ween at Lockn '16 i a couple weeks.

  • Just Nasty

    By thebigsammich
    Incredible tones and sounds, grooves that make you make that face that looks like you smelled something terrible while bobbing your head, catchy hooks and spot on vocals….this album is just great. Buy the whole album and add it to your summer playlist.

  • Feel good music!

    By caputok1
    Highly recommend!!

  • Phenomenal

    By remcult
    I keep getting hooked on one song, listening to it endlessly, only to discover the next; rinse, repeat