The Diana Story: Part II: Broken Hearts

The marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana remains
infamous for being one of the most turbulent royal weddings in
modern history. As the cracks began to form the world watched.
What should have been the fairytale couple could not hold any
longer. Discover the truth of what really lead to the split, as the
world behind palace gates is uncovered.

26 thoughts on “The Diana Story: Part II: Broken Hearts

  1. Princess Diana was a verry loving princess, she was caring, kind, and altho she probably knew he loved another woman she stood up and Became the insparation for all of us, she was an angle, she still is and angle of god, I whant to be just like her when i grow up, i have a lot of things yo change but, she has been my inspiraron and an angle.

    Edit: if camila or what ever her name is would have let chales and Diana have there thing together well yea im gessing this would have not happened. Camilla needed to understand that she cant come in a married copuls life and thats what she did, like camilla would u like for a random person to come and rune your thing with Charles would you, well guess what, you did the same thing to Diana, unbelivable.🤤

  2. He was and will always be a turd. Thank God her boys took after her. She wanted what all girls do the fairy tale. She tried for a long time.

  3. Prince Charles did commit Adultery when he was married to princess Diana. Princess Of Wales will always been the Queen to the people 💫💖

  4. Can someone tell me why does she ALWAYS holds her nose downward? Such beauty.. she should always have her chin up.

  5. 💖👑👸🏼💎🌸

  6. Was Prince Charles seeing Camila at the same time he married Dianna? If so his marriage vows were null and void because he was a liar!

  7. Had the Price married Camilla from the start, there wouldn't be NO focus on the Royal family. Nothing about Charles and Camilla is anything special for the world.
    Princess Diana stood out from the royal family. She was very sincere, caring, loving and beautiful inside and out, an incredible lady.

  8. I was 5 when she died and I remember my family crying around our tv. As I grew up I looked up to her, and I miss her so much.

  9. For her to shake the hands of AIDS patients is remarkable. I work as a nursing assistant and I have seen other assistants and nurses ignore a man with HIV. And he is on medication so the risk for transmission is so low. But people ignore him. And this is 2019.

  10. What an amazing man that butler guy was to Diana!!! He SAVED her!!
    She was mentally tortured by soulless charles and the queen.

  11. Royal means nothing to me. If I saw them on the street, I’d walk right past them or in front. They are just people with a ton of money. Nothing more! (I’m not talking about Diana.) Diana should have been queen. She had a heart of gold. That’s something that Bulldog Elizabeth or saddlebags Camilla will never have!

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