The Best of Richard Clayderman

Track list for this album:
00:00 Hungarian Sonata
03:16 A Comme Amour
06:34 Mariage D Amour
09:15 For Elise
13:29 For My Sweetheart
16:24 Jardin Secret
18:37 Ballade Pour Adeline
21:17 Love Story
24:21 Green Fields
26:56 Black Bird Flies
29:13 Turkish Rondo
32:34 Romeo & Juliet (A Time For Us)
34:53 Concerto Pour Une Jeune
38:37 Winter Sonata
42:11 Right Here Waiting For You
45:58 Invisible Love
49:27 Can You Feel The Love Tonight
52:39 Love Is Blue
55:37 Boulevard Des Solitudes
59:21 The Sound Of Silence
1:02:36 Gemini
1:05:48 Yesterday Once More
1:09:03 I Have A Dream
1:12:12 Top Of The World
1:15:20 When You Tell Me That You Love Me
1:19:55 Serenade
1:23:06 Moonlight Sonata
1:26:34 Lemon Tree
1:29:50 Woman in Love
1:32:19 Les Derniers Jours d’Anastasia Kemsky
1:35:37 Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You
1:38:55 Fall In Love
1:42:03 I Will Always Love You

25 thoughts on “The Best of Richard Clayderman

  1. Такая красота и душевность музыки никогда не может надоесть ! Спасибо тебе , Ричард ! На долгие времена благодарность вам, Маэстро !

  2. Cest superbe ce quil fait jai 58 ans jecoute quotidiennement ses beaux morceaux et surtout le soir je me sens trop bien merci clayderman merci beaucoup

  3. I can't believe.. I didn't feel how two hours had gone by listening to this music.. It made me feel like I was in another world.. l love it 💛🔥

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