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31 thoughts on “THE BEST MUSIC OF 80's (4)

  1. Some of these must be very underground because I never heard of some of these bands like the first few songs before New Kids. Thanks for posting so I can be introduced to those songs. The 80's was the bst decade.

  2. I was soooo in Love with New Kids on the Block…. Lol.. My first Boyband… My Grandma bought me the LP in 1990…

  3. 80'ssssssssss!!!! The greatest time in history. The 80's rock! The best music ever!! Thanks for all the great music.

  4. thank god i was born to grow up during the 80's, good music the best times of my life brings back good memories 馃檪 馃檪

  5. Love Disco Music, Simply Great Times That I Actually Didn't Live (I'm 15 Lol) But I Would Really Like To Go To Teh 80's! XD

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