The Best Music from Superhero Films!!! Total Epicness!

Here is a compilation of, in my opinion, the best music from various superhero films. Please leave a like if you feel I deserve it, and if you like this type of music then subscribe so you’ll know exactly when a new video is uploaded. By the way, how do you guys like my new openings? Should I keep doing them? And as always, tell me what songs I missed and what compilations I should make in the future. Please enjoy.

Special thanks to The Hype Factor. Ever want to know the exact hype for a movie or videogame is? Then is for you!

9 thoughts on “The Best Music from Superhero Films!!! Total Epicness!

  1. You people actually like this stuff. The only one I like was Iron man's and the old Batman one, the rest was forgettable.

  2. Also, do you think you could show clips from the movies that the music comes from (although keep the mashup of movies for the intro)? I love these soundtracks so much! I may not be musically talented but I know a good score when I hear it!

  3. That was a really awesome mashup of the superhero movies. My only suggestion would be to include little clips throughout the entire first song if you do something like this again.

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