pachelbel's Canon in D–Soothing music(the best version)

Music Title: Canon in D
Composer: J. Pachelbel
Genre: Classic

42 thoughts on “pachelbel's Canon in D–Soothing music(the best version)

  1. As a classical musician, this makes me want to rip my ears off – literally the MOST overplayed piece ever (may I reccomend the version played on rubber chickens instead)

  2. Why do people keep saying “only 1680’s kids would enjoy this fully”
    I’m 11 and this has inspired me to self teach myself the piano and so far I’m doing great! It has also boosted my confidence in doing cello!

  3. everyone:taking about people who are trying to find this song and their wedding days

    me: 4 t h g r a d e J a i d e n a n y o n e ?

  4. "Well… I guess that's that."
    "Yeah… I guess it's all over…"
    "Or did it ever begin?"
    "Don't try getting poetic on us right now."
    "Guys, just stop for now."

    "I'll see you all tomorrow right?"
    "Without a doubt, good buddy."

  5. Does not this tell you that some things are timeless ? Does not this tell you that, in a way, far beyond your comprehension, YOU will live forever ?, does not this tell YOU this ?

  6. I believe this piece came from heaven and was put in Pachelbel's heart.  I have the peace of God stronger when I listen to it. Melissa

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