NCIS – The Top 10 Best Music Moments

A video I made just to share all the great songs that have been used on NCIS. It’s just my opinion on what I think were the best songs and obviously isn’t a real list. I realised NCIS isn’t known for it’s music, but when it does use awesome songs it makes the scene ten times better.
Hope you enjoy 🙂

Here’s the list:
#10 Song: Off I Go by Greg Laswell
#9 – Fear by Pauley Perrette
#8 – Better off Now by Trent Dabbs
#7 – Lost by Michael Buble
#6 – Hello World by Lady Antebellum
#5 – Caught by the Light by The Boxer Rebellion
#4 – All We Are by Matt Nathanson
#3 – Not Alone by Patty Griffin
#2 – Where I Stood by Missy Higgins
#1 – Kangaroo Cry by Blue October

*No copyright intended, I don’t own anything, all clips belong to CBS

47 thoughts on “NCIS – The Top 10 Best Music Moments

  1. Hello World reminds me of my military family members who served in the U.S Navy and U.S Army! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #GodblesstheUSA

  2. To be fair, numbers 6, 5 AND 4 should have been 3, 2 and 1 in the exact order (6=3, 5=2, 4=1), no question about it! For the personal involvement in the scenes alone, but even more so because those three are the best songs. But of course, that closing scene from number 4 with Gibbs, Tony, Ziva and Mcgee just might be the most iconic scene of the whole series!

  3. All great choices. I also liked All I Need by Matt Kearney when Gibbs looks at the picture of his daughter and her friend…… There is a particularly nice jazz piece in S7 E7 that I can’t figure out and is not credited. Anyone recognize it. It’s when Vance is home with Jackie.

  4. Whats the song thats playing when tony is looking at pictures of his mom when he was younger showing ziva the pictures ?

  5. All I Need By Matt Kearney, when Gibbs is reminiscing Shannon and Kelly, cause Kelly's bestfriend showed up.. damn it gets me everytime

  6. A real Jews spy die in 70 helped them planting trees round Arab and placement on the Golan Heights boo ncis got code in it too spy cops know 3 hearts ncis la boo we live twin oaks calf

  7. I enjoyed watching this, even though the "You Are Not Alone" (#3) would have been my number 1. And I wish Season 4 Episode 1 featuring Mas by Kinky at the beginning had made the list. Mostly because I like the song and that scene. Ziva was jamming! LOL Regardless, great job!

  8. 10:48, A REMOTE CONTROL THAT TURNS ON A FIREPLACE!!! NOW WHERE DO I GET ONE LIKE THAT????…And how much do they cost????

  9. I already miss Abby as much as I miss Ziva. I laugh now days as liberals everywhere are getting revved up over fly specks and some even attempted the say something mean about NCIS the other day. It didn't end well. True comedy!!

  10. #4, All We Are, is my fav for both the song and the footage, #3 for the footage, #7 for the sweet sweet moment of Gibbs and his beloved Sharron, and #1, just because those moments are SOOOOOO Sweet and cute and precious and so full of love!

  11. Thanks, liv. These clips also brought back many memories of my favorite shows. It was most fun strolling down memory lane with your selections. Kudos!

  12. I would not exclude any of these but extend the list to add Begin the Beguine from Call of Silence (S2, E7), sung by Charles Durning, and Ain't No Grave, by Johnny Cash, in Patriot Down (S7, E23).

  13. love that car. ps that one scene of them turning on that fire place, if it is gas that envelope would not burn i don't think

  14. Shout out for Patty Griffin, #3. Three words got me, You are not….found that song and this compelation. Good, my favorite music is good music.

  15. Excellent choices. Not long ago I lost my father. For years I had to be the strong one. Recently I almost died. Spina surgery and freeing of pressure on my cord was necessary. I sit here with the flood gates have been opened. Finally. –Thanks

  16. My eyes still got watery… The Feels… They were all so Beautiful. I like your list very much. I could make a list and not get any strikes I would do my Personal Favourites too. Wouldn't be much different apart from my Personal #1 would be your #6.

    I can only imagine that storyline in real life and that music was such a great song. It looked like to me Cote De Pablo was seriously gonna cry at one point.

    I need to make a tribute for NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles, Each season would be great but not sure ha. NEED TO MAKE MORE TRIBUTES!

  17. Both Johnny Cash and John Mellencamp had songs on NCIS (Ain't no grave can hold my body down & Someday the rains will fall) and this is your choice? We deff don't have the same taste in music…

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