Cher Billboard Hot 100 Hits – Chart History

A chronological recap of all of Cher’s hits to enter Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart, from her first entry in 1965 to the present.

Please note that this video includes only her solo work. Sonny & Cher’s hits will be presented in a future video.

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45 thoughts on “Cher Billboard Hot 100 Hits – Chart History

  1. All I Really Want To Do #15
    Where Do You Go #25
    Bang Bang #2
    Alfie #32
    Behind The Door #97
    Hey Joe #94
    You Better Sit Down Kids #9
    Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves #1 (2 weeks)
    The Way Of Love #7
    Living In A House Divided #22
    Don’t Hide Your Love #46
    Half-Breed #1 (2 weeks)
    Dark Lady #1 (1 week)
    Train Of Thought #27
    I Saw A Man And He Danced With His Wife #42
    Pirate #93
    Take Me Home #8
    Wasn’t It Good #49
    Hell On Wheels #59
    I Found Someone #10
    We All Sleep Alone #14
    Skin Deep #79
    After All #6
    If I Could Turn Back Time #3 (2 weeks)
    Just Like Jesse James #8
    Heart Of Stone #20
    The Shoop Shoop Song #33
    Love And Understanding #17
    Save Up All Your Tears #37
    One By One #52
    Believe #1 (4 weeks)
    Strong Enough #57
    Song For The Lonely #85

  2. Although most people don't remember it, Cher and Les Dudek formed a short-lived band called Black Rose in the early 1980's.

  3. Heart of Stone is my favorite song by Cher but I can't believe Walking in Memphis wasn't included in this.

  4. 10 c s 90s 9 c n 90sc 8 c g 70s 7 sac 60s igyb 6 c s 90s 5 c b 90s 4 c😁 s 00s 3 c i 80s 2 c and mlf drfl 80s 1 c tbt 80s

  5. Top Tens:
    You Better Sit Down Kids: 9
    Gypsies Tramps And Thieves: 1(2 Weeks)
    The Way Of Love: 7
    Half-Breed: 1(2 Weeks)
    Dark Lady: 1(1 Week)
    Take Me Home: 8
    I Found Someone: 10
    After All: 6
    If I Could Turn Back Time: 3
    Just Like Jesse James: 8
    Believe: 1(4 Weeks)

    Total: 11
    Top Five: 5
    #1's: 4

    Top Ten Songs:
    10. You Better Sit Down Kids
    9. Just Like Jesse James
    8. Take Me Home
    7. The Way Of Love
    6. After All
    5. If I Could Turn Back Time
    4. Dark Lady
    3. Half-Breed
    2. Gypsies Tramps And Theives
    1. Believe

  6. Я даже не знал что Шер в бизнесе так долго. Она просто молодец!!! Колоссальный! Она была хороша и в 20 и в 30 и в 40 и в 50 и вроде как в 60 стала еще лучше. Сейчас ей 70 и она просто СУПЕР! Хочется что бы такие люди как она жили до 100 100%!!! Всем ШЕР! 😉

  7. "Cher" has not been successful in billboard in the 2000s and 2010s … that if would be a Guinness records

  8. bigger than the beatles , STILL ALIVE , NO DRUGS OR RELATED PROBLEMS as them or elvis , hendrix ,houston , bowie ,summer, etc etc, the true living legend!!

  9. its so amazing how she made music through the 60's RnB era, the 70's disco era, the early rock in the 80's, the 90's, and even the new millenium

  10. She must have the most spaced out top 10s ever
    1966, No.2
    1967, No.9
    1971, No.1 (2 Wks)
    1972, No.7
    1973, No.1 (2 Wks)
    1974, No.1 (1 Wk)
    1979, No.8
    1987, No.10
    1989, No.6
    1989, No.3
    1989, No.8
    1998, No.1 (4 Wks)

  11. Just listening to those songs there's nothing better each and every one from when she started up until now how her style has changed over the years and her music she is amazing

  12. Bang bang, If i could turn back time, after all eram pra ter sido #1

    I saw a man.. E living in a house divided são muito bem produzidas, além de músicas belíssimas.

    Incrível como a Cher conseguiu está nas paradas em todas as décadas.

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