canary singing video – the best canary training song 40 minutes

Learn your canaries to sing !!!
One of my best birds!!
Information about canaries:
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Canary ‘s most powerful song for training:

34 thoughts on “canary singing video – the best canary training song 40 minutes

  1. Τελειο κελαιδιμα.Μακαρι και το δικο μου καναρινι να κελαιδουσε τοσο μελωδικα.

  2. This really worked !! Got my canary to sing again after only 5 minutes of listening to this vídeo!
    Thanks man

  3. Hi everyone I'm trying to figure out how to record this singing canary video and watch it later offline can anyone help me?

  4. Très bien😆😆😆😆👍👏🐦🐦🐦

  5. Bonito canto. Le ha gustado mucho a mis canarios. And I like very much to draw, the photograph of your canary.

  6. How many time a day and for how long they should listen to this …… my canary get very excited but do not copy this 🙁

  7. Ma pinsonne mandarin adore ainsi que mon canari qui lui veut étouffer le chant de l autre mâle.


  8. It worked…my canary did not sing and I tried to tempt him with this song! And he started singing 😃😁

  9. το καναρίνι μόνο κελαηδεί μπράβο εσύ που έφτιαξες το βίντεο σε έχω κάνει λαικ

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