Billboard Hot 100 – Top 100 Best Songs Of 2010s (Decade-End Chart)

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Music: Top 100 Songs | Billboard Hot 100 Chart | Billboard
Billboard’s decade-end recaps encompass chart performance from Dec. 5, 2009, through Sept. 28, 2019.
On decade-end Hot Songs and Top Albums recaps, titles are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 on weekly charts earning the greatest value and weeks at lower positions earning the least. Due to changes in chart methodology and title turnover rates over the decade, certain periods were weighted differently.

21 thoughts on “Billboard Hot 100 – Top 100 Best Songs Of 2010s (Decade-End Chart)

  1. The only song here that I didn't have a chance to fully listen (truth is I never bothered to listen) to is that "Panda" song. He just looks and sounds like a man with a massive oral problem.

  2. I get that this is based on data, but how is Girls Like You number 5? It has left no mark on our culture. Like I don't know anybody who has listened to it since it left the charts.

  3. I was in elementary school, middle school, high school and college this decade, so it’s kinda surreal seeing some of these songs next to each other

  4. Part 2:
    75. Thank U Next: 2018: One of her catchiest in a year mainstream pop was terrible. 5/5
    74. Rude: 2014: Never really got the hate for this. 3/5
    73. Roar: 2013: See above. 3/5
    72. Better Now: 2018: I think this marked a transition in Post's music. 4/5
    71. Can't Hold Us: 2013: Ray Dalton pretty much owned the hook. 5/5
    70. Stay With Me: 2014: Sam Smith is a great vocalist and this song proves it. 4/5
    69. 7 Rings: 2019: Hot take: it's excellent. 5/5
    68. Need You Now: 2010: Finally some actually good country. 5/5
    67. Some Nights: 2012: Well, we've got a phenomenal song here! 6/5
    66. Cheap Thrills: 2016: Surprised this is her biggest hit. Like it tho. 4/5
    65. Blank Space: 2014: Typical 1989 song, but good. 4/5
    64. Wow: 2019: Well Post is finally improving now. 4/5
    63. Can't Feel My Face: 2015: Fun catchy pop song. 5/5
    62. Fancy: 2014: Guilty pleasure. Iggy still sucks as a rapper though. 3/5
    61. Bad Guy: 2019: Surprised it made it this high. 4/5
    60. OMG: 2010: Another guilty pleasure. 3/5
    59. Havana: 2017: Young Thug had the best part here. Whenever that happens, that's typically not a good sign. 3/5
    58. Don't Let Me Down: 2016: Who knew both artists would make an excellent song like this? 5/5
    57. Wake Me Up: 2013: RIP. 5/5
    56. I Like It: 2018: Overrated. 3/5
    55. Hey Soul Sister: 2010: Lame wgwag music. 0/5
    54. Grenade: 2011: The first Bruno song on here and it's excellent IMO. 5/5
    53. Work: 2016: Rihanna, why? 1/5
    52. Hello: 2015: Not her best song but it's excellent. 5/5
    51. Lucid Dreams: 2018: I get the appeal but I can't like it.

  5. Disclaimer – this is not the uploader’s opinion, this is simply a data reflection on the 100 best performing songs of the decade in the United States. If a song you like isn’t on here, blame the American public, not the uploaded

  6. Katy Perry :

    #73 : Roar
    #49 : California Gurls
    #43 : Firework
    #49 : E.T.
    #26 : Dark Horse

    Taylor Swift :
    #65 : Blank Space
    #34 : Shake It Of

    But Taylor artist of the decade ???


  8. Man I am so emotional watching this video and listening to the songs
    I hope we will get to hear more beautiful songs like those
    It's been a great decade

  9. 3- On (x16) *17
    16- $$ (x12) *18
    20- Dark [3] *19
    25- Hates (x9) *19
    29- Girl (x1) *17
    40- Cri [3] *18
    66- Ends (x3) *18
    67- Bilho [2] *17
    88- Flor [3] *19

  10. 10: deserves from the Queen
    9: they did not just put that in the top ten
    8: good song, but too ten nah
    7: fuck this song so much. Overplayed trash that shouldn’t even exist
    6: deserves so much
    5: most overplayed bullshit that has been ever played on the radio. Top ten, b***h please
    4: like the song but top ten, nah
    3: no just no
    2: a bop that will never be forgotten
    1: good song but #1. Come on

    They seriously didn’t put Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Beyoncé, lady Gaga, Katy perry, David guetta, pitbull, Sia, Little mix, Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and flo rida that actually shaped this decade in the top ten. Boy gtfoh. I

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