Best Song Ever – One Direction Cover

really though you should go buy it on iTunes 😉
anyways, Harry’s name seemed to fit the best in the song so why not right? I mean look at the boy, who wouldn’t want to take him home…
I hope you guys liked it and if you have any song requests let me know in the comments !

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31 thoughts on “Best Song Ever – One Direction Cover

  1. Well I'm from argentina and I have very bad English, but I need to tell you this. You're a great singer, I love that make faces while you sing because most of the girls that covers YouTube wants to see but not perfect but only sos vos, seriously I thank you very this.I hope that you can be achieved sing because you are very good at serious. Kisses from argentina.

  2. Its weird whenever somebody sings this song or the song is playing I just randomly start making a harmony to it!

  3. you're very nice and beautiful, and your voice's too.
    i love the way you sing this song, and 'said his name was harry styles' HAHAHA, cool(:

    i'm italian, sorry for my bad english. 

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